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National Consultants is a professional consulting group specialising in NDIS (National Disability Insurance Scheme) we register NDIS providers and assist providers during, after and throughout the registration process. We’ve helped registered over 100 NDIS providers and have a combined experience of 40+ years in the consulting space
Ask one of our friendly staff members for a copy of the NDIS Handbook. The handbooks are created to ensure all information is in one place and easy to read. Don’t forget to stay up to date with the latest government scheme information as this may be a potential new business venture for you! Alternatively, you can visit our website
Don’t stress! We have different payment options for you. We will work very closely with you to ensure you do not suffer from financial hardship. We have payment plan options, as well as instalment options. Contact your consultant or one of our friendly staff members to find out more!
You will receive your compliance documentation (Policy and Procedure Manual and Certificate of Compliance) within 2-4 weeks. Once you receive these you will be able to work with Self and Plan managed participants. If you wish to be a registered provider, you will need to go through your audit. That process begins with us submitting your application to the NDIS. Don’t forget to let us know if you wish to go through your audit. From the time of receiving documentation and being registered by the NDIS, the process could take anywhere from 4 weeks to 6 months.
Remember you can work with Self and Plan Managed participants as soon as you receive your Policy and Procedure Manual. Unfortunately, being completely registered is a longer process and is out of our hands. However, once everything is submitted to the NDIS (audit report), you can call the NDIS Commission for updates on the process of your registration.
Anyone can get registered for NDIS as you can always hire workers to provide services. You, yourself do not need any specific qualifications.
Self-managed participants manage their own funds and will therefore pay you directly, you will provide them with an invoice after services are completed. Plan managed participants have an accountant or bookkeeper to manage their funds for them, therefore you will invoice their nominated accountant or bookkeeper. Agency managed participants have their funds managed directly by the NDIS/NDIA, you will invoice them through PRODA and the funds will be transferred into your nominated account within 48 hours. You will receive an invoice section on your PRODA account after you are completely registered.
PRODA is a government website you will have access to. It assists you to manage your registration. You will receive your PRODA account details once you submit your application. It helps manage your participants and your business. You will be able to view what services you provide as well check when your renewal is due. Renewals are due every 12 to 18 months.
A renewal is like a re-registration. Every 12-18 months you will need to re-register your business. Not to stress, we do this for you. Contact one of our friendly team members and we will book you in for a renewal. During this process you will also receive a new and up to date Policy and Procedure Manual to ensure your compliance is up to standards.
It is vital your business has up to date and compliant Policies and Procedures as it is the legislative document that is required in order to operate. This manual incorporates every aspect of operation within your business. It is specifically tailored to the services you will provide and will be you go to document for how to operate efficiently and effectively. It also incorporates all the rules, regulations and standards you as a provider must adhere to. Without this manual you can not be a registered provider.
You will need Professional Indemnity, Public Liability and Workers Compensation (if you have hired employees). If you are using a vehicle to transport participants, you will also need Third Party or Comprehensive Care Insurance. We recommend using mycarespace for insurance.
By coming through National Consultants, you have the option to purchase a one-on-one training session with one of our Client Managers. We offer face to face meetings as well as Zoom/FaceTime calls. These training sessions run for approximately between 2 to 3.5 hours. Training sessions are completely tailored to your business and our client managers work closely with you to explore the best opportunities for your business, as well as thoroughly explain any questions, queries or concerns you may have.
It is a common question across new providers, however, rest assured we are here to help. Our Client Managers have a wide range of knowledge, experience an expertise in networking, marketing and clientele. They are available for calls and one on one training sessions to explain all the tips, tricks and ideas for you to kick start your business. You will be designated to a Client Manager after you receive your compliance documentation and you will have the opportunity to work very closely with them. Other networking ideas we find successful is creating a Facebook page,posting flyers at community centres/hospital notice boards etc.
Absolutely! After you go through your audit and are completely registered you will be on the NDIS’s Provider List and Portal. This will be when you receive your registration number.
It will depend on how the participant manages their funds. For self-managed participants you will invoice them directly, plan managed you invoice their accountant or book keeper, and agency managed you need to go through an audit before you are allowed to work with them, however you invoice them through NDIS directly and you use your PRODA account to do so. You get to keep the full amount you invoice them unless you hired someone else to provide the service in that situation you would pay your employee a wage and keep the remaining amount of money.
We do guarantee a successful registration on our side of things. Meaning we guarantee all your compliance is up to date and in lieu with the standards and regulations set forth by the NDIS. We do provide a full refund if you are not registered due to a fault of ours.
Support Coordination is a service in the NDIS that connects providers to participants and vies versa. When you are able to begin working with participants it is important for you to contact Support Coordinators and introduce yourself as they may have participants looking for your services. By building and forming these relationships with Support Coordinators is enables you to gain clientele and run a successful business. Our Client Managers will contact you when you receive your documentation and explain the next steps to you, as well as provide you with a Provider List specific to your state which has all the Support Coordinator numbers you can call in it.
The sections you need to fill out in your Policy and Procedure Manual are sections that are specific to your business that we unfortunately cannot complete. We are happy to assist you if you are unsure of what to input.
We cannot stress how important it is to read and understand your Policy and Procedure Manual as it explains exactly how to operate your business. It goes through the do’s and don’ts as well as explains how to tackle certain situations. It is also important for your audit as the auditor will ask you questions about your manual and certain policies and procedures. If you are not prepared it may be difficult to gain registration.
Once you receive your Policy and Procedure Manual it’s time to start sifting through it and adding in the blank sections relevant to your business. If you get stuck follow the Next Steps Manual provided as a document in the same email as your Policy and Procedure Manual. It goes through absolutely everything you need to know. Your designated Client Manager will also contact you within a few days of receiving your Policy and Procedure Manual to assist you with your next steps.
Our Client Managers are a great tool to keep up to date with any changes or compliance updates. Another fantastic system is the National Consultants Desktop. It is continuously updated to reflect all of the new changes, upcoming changes or alterations in compliance. Keep an eye on the ‘Compliance Updates’ section throughout you registration and even after! Feel free to contact one of our team members for any help or assistance.
That is fantastic! We actually have a referral program, that will be useful for you. For every person you refer to us, given thy sign up with National Consultants, you will receive either a discount on your registration or a paid bonus from us as a thank you!
as soon as you receive your Policy and Procedure Manual and the Application to the NDIS has been submitted (by us) you are able to go through your audit. We work closely and refer our clients to Global Compliance Certification. They are certified auditors who will take you through the audit process. There is a fee for audits however this is individualised depending on which services you provide. For a quote, you can contact GCC when you are ready. In order to get a quote and begin the audit process, you will need to have your Scope of Audit document ready. This document comes to you via email and is generated as soon as your application is submitted. Rest assured, we submit your application for you. Audits are not as stressful as what 25. you may thing, GCC makes the process smooth and easy for you. National Consultants will also be here to help and support you if there is any issues that arise. Keep in mind, you do not need to go through your audit straight away. You can work with self and plan managed participants for the meanwhile. When you are ready to proceed to the audit stage this means they will audit your business and documentation, write up an approval report and send it to the NDIS for further approval. When the NDIS approves you, you are able to work with agency managed participants.
Due to privacy and confidentiality agreements, we unfortunately cannot give out anyone’s personal information. However, we are more than happy to contact one of our past clients on your behalf and obtain consent from them so we may pass on their personal details to you.
Once your audit report is sent off to the NDIS, it can take anywhere from 2 to 6 months for the NDIS to approve you. It depends on which services you have chosen, more specialised services will take longer.